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The library has been developed around the Bibliography of the History and Organisation of Horse Racing and Thoroughbred Breeding in Great Britain and Ireland by Eileen P. Loder. This was published by J A Allen in 1978 and covered books published from 1565 to 1973 in Great Britain and Ireland.

Books have been classified using the Loder Classification. An additional classification for Fiction (P) has been introduced. The basic classification is as follows:

  • A - General Works
  • B - Administration and Control of Racing
  • C - Owners and Ownership
  • D - Breeders and Breeding
  • E - Trainers and Training
  • F - Racehorses
  • G - Jockeys and Race Riding
  • H - Racecourses and Races
  • J - Racing and Society
  • K - Ephemeral Material related to Racing
  • L - Racing in Poetry and Song
  • M - Racing in Art
  • N - Racing Journalism
  • O - Betting
  • P - Fiction

Book numbers 1 to 1817 correspond to the numbers allocated in the Loder Bibliography. In a small number of instances, errors and omissions in the original text have been corrected. Additional numbers have been assigned as the books have been added to the collection.

Please contact the Librarian if you spot anything that should be corrected or if you think any books should be added.

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